Day Retreats, Full Moon and Equinox/Solstice Ceremonies

Most months alongside the monthly dance and Breathe there is some sort of ceremony!!
Either a full moon ceremony or day retreat collaborating with other likeminded individuals.

With Luisa & Lisa
24th – 28th September
(June retreat has SOLD OUT)
South West France

Four days designed and curated to help you step out of the chaos of life and into a capacity of true alignment. A non-judgemental intentionally held space for you to be with whatever comes up. Gathering in ceremony to practice and embody sacred teachings. Giving ourselves over to the elements; to the earth, the moon, the stars… Some of the offerings you will find on this interesting and unique

Dancing Artemisia! A dance on the land looking out over the rolling hills, with the beautiful medicine of Mugwort. Half hour dance waves, to gently wake our bodies up, with the morning sun, putting huge smiles on our faces as we head off for a delicious breakfast!!! Daily embodied Yoga practice with pranayama breath work, mantra and philosophy threaded in. Honouring a different Tantric Goddess each day. Different ceremonies… using sacred cacao and other plants and herbs to drop even deeper into our bodies, and incorporating ancient sound healing, yoga nidra, shamanic drumming,
Breathwork journeys, mantra singing. On the final evening we will drink sacred cacao and dance wildly under the stars! In a full on somatic ECSTATIC dance journey!!! Delicious plant based meals to nourish the heart. Made in house with local and seasonal ingredients by our wonderful soul mama chef Jenny

Not just a retreat but a shifting of timelines.

With Luisa & Louise Carron Harris
Friday 14th June, 7-10pm
Lopemede Farm, Thame

Another unforgettable Ecstatic Medicine Dance journey, Sacred Cacao & Fire Ceremony.

After their sell out Winter Solstice & Spring Equinox dances they’re BACK!!!!

Celebrating the Summer Solstice they will be holding a sacred dance to honour the turning of the seasonal wheel.

A deep and heart opening shamanic journey into our inner sun, grounded wisdom and creative fire. Where our dance is an offering, a prayer to the Earth and a contribution to the creation of the great tapestry of life.

Come as you are, open your hearts…

This is the celebration we are called for.
honouring the beauty and aliveness of summer.

We invite you to be a part of this special Summer Solstice celebration.


The event will take place in the tipi and on the grounds of Lopemede farm.

We will then gather to eat and chat in community.
An evening you won’t forget.