Hi! I’m Luisa aka LuluOm. Here is a little information about me…

I trained as a Rebirther in 2002 after discovering the incredible benefits of breathing in this unique way and how transformational it was for me and my healing journey.

I like so many others, carried around a huge amount of trauma that years of therapy had not really freed me of.

Conscious connected breathing, became a huge part of my life, ridding me of past trauma, helping me to actually feel my emotions in a safe and aligned way AND…. Filling me with a Universal love I had never experienced before.

Today I walk so much lighter and happier. I live life passionately and joyously & I breathe for the wisdom I download and the euphoric bliss that I feel.

Since my early 20’s I have been on a deep spiritual, self discovery & self healing journey. I have trained in 3 different modalities of breathwork, learned to DJ for conscious dance and fell in love with mama cacao learning to serve her sacred medicine.
Over the years I have co facilitated and supported on many breathwork retreats in the UK and abroad before finally serving this medicine myself!

I now hold regular events:

  • FreedOm in the Forest a somatic dance journey, barefoot in the Forest.
  • The Big Soul Breathe a conscious connected Breathwork journey.

On this website you will find information about SOMATIC & ECSTATIC DANCE, deep inner BREATHWORK JOURNEYS, FULL MOON CEREMONIES, opportunities to spend time with plant medicines including SACRED CACAO, MUGWORT and BLUE LOTUS FLOWER and collaborations with other likeminded soul led people, which is always a divine weaving of sacred medicine.

I am so excited be sharing all that I have learnt and continue to learn, with you. Ecstatic Dance & Breathwork have both been hugely transformational in my healing journey.

I love to help people connect back to their bodies and in doing so, know themselves and heal themselves.

I have created a community where feeling is healing. Spaces where we can openly be unmasked. Show up however we are feeling without needing to ‘put a face on’! Be our authentic true selves, or at least be willing to explore the idea of this.

Find out more about events and book!