Come join us on a somatic dance journey that is wild, barefoot and free!

Held at Wendover Woods Westonbirt Arboretum (Forestry England’s most beautiful and ancient woodlands.) and many other beautiful venues…in the winter months we go inside & dance in a bright open space with a sacred fire.

We start the ceremony in circle drinking heart opening sacred cacao (opt) We are then guided by an experienced facilitator to help us drop down into our bodies, to let go of any inhibitions, earthing our energy and bringing us back to centre. Connecting us back in with our true selves. Allowing us to feel free to dance in whatever way our body wants to.

Luisa Bradshaw aka DJ LuluOm creates a wave of music that is earthy, shamanic, heart opening, tribal, euphoric and fun!
The music starts slow & hypnotic, & builds & builds to a fast moving, free flowing, ecstatic peak and finishes with a deeply grounding sound immersion.

“Lulu’s music sets are high vibe alignments straight from the divine!”

My music waves are channelled, and designed to take you on a journey that is heart opening and often profoundly beautiful, allowing us to feel all the feels along the way.

We dance from our hearts, the cacao & the music allowing us to move through any inhibitions to dance freely and often joyously.
This is different from ‘conscious clubbing’ and a ‘sober rave’. I like to think of it as a somatic movement journey. Where we meet ourselves where we are at. No matter how we are feeling, and then with facilitation learn to drop our awareness down into our bodies, coming out of our monkey minds, connecting back into that feeling space & then letting our bodies move from here.

Letting go of any pre conceived idea we have about the word ‘dance’ whether we feel we ‘can’ dance or ‘can’t’ the idea of looking cool or dancing in the right way.

Just starting from a place of truth…. And then letting our bodies MOVE in whatever way they wish. It’s such a beautiful way to honour our emotions and allow them to move in and through the body.

I really look forward to meeting you ‘unmasked’ sometime soon.

This is a space of non judgement. A space to be completely YOU. We welcome you.

High quality super comfortable headsets used for a deeply immersive experience.


All ingredients are vegan. MADE WITH ORGANIC OAT MILK

Contraindications of cacao: please note at this event, one cup of cacao is considered a small dose
• If you are on an antidepressant, SSRI, antipsychotic, or any other psychiatric medication please only have one cup of cacao, there will already be a lot of serotonin in your body.
• If you have a heart condition or are pregnant: Be aware that the theobromine in cacao is a vasodilator: it increases the heart rate and lowers blood pressure, so you may be better off with a smaller dose * If you are on MAOI antidepressants, cacao (& all forms of chocolate) is contraindicated because it contains tyramine.
• If you are taking 5-htp (5-Hydroxytryptophan) it’s advisable to have a smaller dose of cacao.
• If you are taking St John’s Wort, please refrain from taking it for a few days before.
• If you are epileptic a high consumption of cacao could possibly increase the risk of seizures. * some people are allergic or sensitive to theobromine – it can trigger headaches or migraines in some

people. In some cases, a smaller dose will be fine depending on how sensitive you are.