Conscious connected rhythmical breathing

I trained as a rebirther over 20 years ago and have been on a
personal journey with the breath ever since. I have a huge passion for creating waves of music for Breathwork and Somatic Dance that take people on deep inner journeys.

When we learn to drop deep into our body using a combination of this specific breathing technique, somatic movement and sound on the exhale we can often release stored trauma, in a powerful and sometimes euphoric way. Freeing our bodies so we are able to walk lighter and happier.

I love to help people connect back to their bodies and in doing so heal themselves. To empower people to live their fullest expression of themselves. Their highest timeline. Their greatest truth.

The Big Soul Breathe
Conscious connected rhythmical breathing. Every month is a different journey.

A unique mix of rhythmical breathing, and free style connected breathing. With shamanic drumming, somatic movement and heart opening medicine music to take you on a journey deep into your body. There is often a release of DMT where the body is flooded with a blissful euphoric feeling.

Using a combination of breath, sound and somatic free movement to step into a space of blissful alignment and allow whatever needs to move through the body the space to do so. I am very passionate about creating a space that feels womb like and comforting, so any emotions that do come up are welcomed and honoured.


During a Breathwork class, you may experience the following:

• Lightheadedness
• Tetany
• Physical sensations in the body
• Emotional release
• Memory recall
• Trauma release

It is also important to note that during a group class, other participants may also be experiencing any of the above, i.e. having an emotional release, which could possibly be unsettling for others in the room.

As a precaution, the following conditions are contraindicated for anyone thinking of practising Conscious Connected Breathwork:

• Pregnancy in the first trimester
• High Blood Pressure (not controlled with medication)
• Cardiovascular disease including; angina, past heart attack or stroke.
• Diagnosis of aneurysm in either the brain or abdomen
• Severe respiratory Issues such as Asthma & emphysema
• Epilepsy / Seizures
• A diagnosis of a personality disorder or schizophrenia.
• A history of psychosis
• A current/recent episode of bipolar disorder.
• Detached Retina or Glaucoma

Please do not drink alcohol or take any mind-altering substances before or after a Breathwork class.

Please consult your doctor, psychotherapist or psychiatrist before engaging in this Breathwork practice if you are not sure if it is suitable for you. Or contact Luisa directly at [email protected]


Breathwork facilitators are not medical practitioners. It is your responsibility to look after your own physical and emotional well-being. By booking this session you accept the following waiver:

‘I understand that if I am taking any medications or have any medical conditions such as, but not limited to those contraindicated above, I must advise the facilitator. 

I certify that I have consulted a health professional regarding any condition physical, mental or emotional that could interfere with my judgment, or affect my health in any way during or after any session(s).

I understand and acknowledge that I am fully responsible for any risks or injuries, known or unknown. It is with this understanding that I voluntarily accept this waiver.’

As with all physical activities, application of Conscious Connected Breathwork and all related practices encompass varying degrees of change in physical and mental state. Please be aware of your limitations and capabilities both physically and mentally, & act accordingly.

During any session, if you feel you need more guidance or support please ask.